December First Friday

December 5, 2010

The best turn out yet for our gallery! Mike and Anne Burton’s work looks spectacular in the new space, aided by the otherworldly and captivating soundtrack by Jay Kreimer. We offer our sincere thanks to the local community, who time and time again support the art scene in Lincoln. We also recognize the contribution of Anne Pagel, whose article on the new galleries in town, written for L Magazine, included a positive mention of our space, as well as our building partner, Drift Station Gallery and Performance Space.

Click here to see the video of TWEEN.


TWEEN 12/03/2010

December 3, 2010

We finished installing the show last night, and we’re super excited with how everything came together!

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night for the opening.

Parallax Space and Drift Station Gallery are pleased to present the catalog for Instructions for Initial Conditions. The 267-page catalog includes an introduction by Jeff Thompson (Drift Station) and my essay In/Formation. It also includes the works from the show, minus a few artists who requested that their pieces not be reproduced.

Download the Instructions for Initial Conditions catalog here:

Instructions For Initial Conditions Catalog