A paintamation by Michael Burton, whose work with Anne Ruehrmund Burton was featured in our December 2010-January 2011 show TWEEN, is included in the current exhibition Blink! Light, Sound and the Moving Image at the Denver Art Museum. There is a stellar array of artists in the show, including Bruce Nauman, William Kentridge, Lorna Simpson, Bill Viola, and Jennifer Steinkamp.

Michael and Anne will exhibit TWEEN at the Fred Simon Gallery in Omaha, NE, from March 14-April 22, 2011.

TWEEN was selected for inclusion in the juried exhibition at the Bemis Underground in Omaha, NE, which runs from March 18-April 16, 2011.

Congratulations to Mike and Anne! We love these two and their work, and wish them continuous success in all their endeavors.