April 1, 2011

SIGHT/NON-SIGHT runs from April 1 – 24, 2011

Opening Reception: April 1, 2011, 7-11 pm

Alexandra Borovsky and Benjamin Rek, Early Bird, 2011

SIGHT/NON-SIGHT is the first annual juried exhibition of artwork submitted by members of the Art League at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  The theme of SIGHT/NON-SIGHT plays off the concept of vision, oft regarded as the most integral aspect of the artist’s practice or the realized work of art.  Yet to privilege and parallel the concept of vision with that of sight is to neglect the powerful and generative force of blindness, or non-sight.  The title of the exhibition also resonates with Robert Smithson’s site/non-site dialectic.  Following Smithson’s writings on his artistic practice, the site operates as open, while the non-site is closed, just as sight suggests the open eye, while non-sight suggests the closed or blinded eye.  Artists were encouraged to interpret the theme in any way they desire: literally, abstractly, theoretically, formally, etc.  Special attention may was also given to the fact that the opening falls on April Fool’s Day, which aligns with the concept of trompe l’œil, or “to fool the eye.”  Do we really see what we think we see, or does sight ultimately, and pleasurably, deceive us?

List of Works:

Keegan Baker, Three Faces Self-Portrait, 2010, Charcoal on paper; NFS

Sophomore, Art Major

Alexandra Borovski, The Pineapple Field, 2010; acrylic on mylar stitched with thread; $400

Senior, Art Major

Alexandra Borovski, Untitled (I Once Was), 2011; Photocopy on mylar stitched with horse hair; NFS

Senior, Art Major

Alexandra Borovski & Benjamin Rek, Early Bird, 2011, Oil on canvas; $250

Senior, Art Major

Dan Buhrdorf, The Wall, Ongoing since 2010; Panel painted the color of the wall; NFS

Senior, Art Major

Kelli Dornbos, Wrinkles, 2011, oil on canvas; $250

Junior, Art and Art Education Major

James Laville, Jacob Sleeping, 2011; Oil on canvas; NFS

Senior, Art Major

Drew Lueders, Mesonic CFL, 2011; NFS

Senior, Art Major

Benjamin Rek, Larder, 2011, Wood, plaster, and enamel; $250

Senior, Art Major

Chantel Rosno, The Value, 2011, Lithography, plastic lights, blankets, cardboard; Contact artist for pricing

Senior Art Major

Kan Seidel, Pass/No Pass, 2011; Video collage; Contact artist for pricing

Senior, English Major

Danny Sullivan, Will-O-Wisp, 2011; Oil and acrylic on canvas; $700 OBO

Senior, Art Major