March First Friday

February 29, 2012

Another First Friday is here! This month will feature a variety of performances during the evening, including work by Charley Friedman, Heidi Bartlett, Joan Stone, and members of the UNL Womanhouse group. Performances will be at 7:15, 8:15, and 9:15.

Please also join us tomorrow, February 29th (Leap Year!) at 7:00 pm for a group discussion. Lesley Bartlett, PhD student in English and Women and Gender Studies at UNL, will kick-start the conversation with some info from her own research on identity, performance, and activism in feminist communities. You can make your thoughts a part of the installation by writing them on fabric that will be sewn into the house. Your voice will form the House that Feminism Built!


Sunday Funday 2.12.12

February 9, 2012

Last week’s First Friday was a wonderful success! We had a huge crowd come through the space, engaging in discussions, cutting up clothes, sewing cloth, braiding strips of cotton, painting nails…all in the name of breaking down gendered expectations of so-called “domestic” activities. We’re looking forward to another bustling First Friday on March 2nd – Remember to bring your donation of red, purple, pink, and orange clothing, as well as those half-used no longer in rotation “beauty products” (make-up, lotions, etc.) stashed away in your bathroom cabinets. The clothing will be used to continue work on the tent, while the “beauty products” will become a separate art installation in March. See the write-up in the Omaha Reader about this project (we’re the Lincoln feminists!).

We have a series of upcoming events, so be sure to check out for a listing of activities. Due to the 11.5 inches of snow that fell last Saturday, we decided to cancel the first Sunday Funday. However, we will be there this weekend (2.12.12), so come join the conversation! We’ll have snacks and warm beverages, and invite everyone to participate in cutting, pinning, and sewing the walls of the tent (don’t worry if you don’t know how to work a sewing machine – There will be tutors!).

We also invite everyone to join us this coming Wednesday (2.15.12) for our first feminist roundtable discussion with Dr. Barbara DiBernard, UNL Professor of English and Women and Gender Studies – There will be tea, so we can call it a Feminist Tea Party, in homage to the wonderfully awesome project by Caitlin Rueter and Suzanne Stroebe. It’s political, subversive, and all around inspirational.

The House that Feminism Built opens tomorrow! Reception will be from 7-10 pm.

Check out to watch a fantastic time lapse video of the tent roof installation.