Coat Them in Gold

New Work by Anne Burton

June 1 – 30, 2012, Opening Reception Friday, June 1, 7 – 10 pm


Privacy and the Plains: New Work by Kimberly Thomas

February 4-26, 2011

Our February exhibition of work by Kimberly Thomas was held in conjunction with the second Lincoln PhotoFest.  We had great attendance at the opening reception, and thank everyone who braved the cold February night to support the artist and our space.

Artist Statement

For this exhibition I am merging two bodies of work, Settled/Settling and The Plains.  The Settled/Settling images arose from my decision to stay in Lincoln, NE, after finishing graduate school.  This decision felt like a commitment and I was experiencing conflicting feelings of contentment and disappointment.  Contentment from living a stable, happy life, and disappointment from fear that I was settling for something less that I had expected for my life.  These homes and neighborhoods are indicative of the place and community I now call home, but they are not meant as documents.  For me, these images stem from a sense of familiarity and my questions about the familiar.  I find contradiction and tension in these photographs; they are simultaneously ordinary and bizarre, familiar and beautiful, inviting and foreboding.  These descriptions mimic my sentiments of the title Settled / Settling.

Right away I started noticing some of the iconography from the Settled/Settling photographs making an appearance in The Plains series.  The power lines connect the images in an almost literal way.  Another similarity is the ambiguity of the places depicted.  Landscape camouflaging and nondescript buildings take the place of fences and foliage that separated and obscured the domestic spaces of Settled/Settling, changing the vista through the inclusion of blank, geometric shapes.

I had thought that both of these series were an investigation of my surroundings, but it is clear that these images are more about me rather than a description of Nebraska.  For the first time in my photographic career, my images seem to be engaged in a conversation with one another.  I find myself wanting to see certain images next to each other.  My hope in exhibiting this work together is to further examine this visual dialogue.

About the Artist

Originally from Missouri, Kimberly Thomas now resides in Lincoln, NE.  Kimberly received her MFA degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2008 and she now teaches photography at Metropolitan Community College and Creighton University.  Recent achievements include solo exhibitions at the Midwest Society for Photographic Education conference in Kalamazoo, MI and from the Nebraska Arts Council and the Kansas City Artists Coalition.  Concurrent with this exhibition, Kimberly also curated an exhibition that is on view during February at Tugboat Gallery in Lincoln, NE.

December First Friday

December 5, 2010

The best turn out yet for our gallery! Mike and Anne Burton’s work looks spectacular in the new space, aided by the otherworldly and captivating soundtrack by Jay Kreimer. We offer our sincere thanks to the local community, who time and time again support the art scene in Lincoln. We also recognize the contribution of Anne Pagel, whose article on the new galleries in town, written for L Magazine, included a positive mention of our space, as well as our building partner, Drift Station Gallery and Performance Space.

Click here to see the video of TWEEN.

December 3, 2010 – January 31, 2011

Opening reception Friday, December 3, 2010, 7:00 – 11:00 pm

1745 “N” Street (at 18th Street) Lincoln, Nebraska

Parallax Space is pleased to announce the opening of their exhibition Tween: Painting, animation and some in betweens by Anne and Michael Burton to be held on Friday, December 3, 2010.  Located in downtown Lincoln in a renovated former auto-body shop, this opening will be the first independent show for the gallery.

Tween is the first collaborative exhibition between Anne and Michael Burton, and will showcase their joint endeavor of photography, painting, and projected animation. The title Tween conjures up a variety of meanings: a reference to the images between key frames, which are used to create animation; a collaboration (be)tween the two artists; and a space (be)tween the individual aesthetics of both artists, where  their creative voices are woven together.

Anne Ruehrmund Burton was born in Washington D.C. She earned her BFA from the University of Richmond in 2004, and her MFA from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2008, under a Hixson Lied Fellowship. Anne has exhibited her paintings, prints, and installations both regionally and internationally, most recently in Fremont, Nebraska at the Gallery 92 West, in Nebraska City, Nebraska at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Gallery, and in Richmond, Virginia at the Cornerstone Gallery.

Michael Burton ( was born in Fall River, Massachusetts.  He earned his BFA from Green Mountain College in 1999, and his MFA from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2007, under a Hixson Lied Fellowship. Michael exhibits both regionally and nationally, most recently in Miami at A-BoMB, Sioux City Art Center where he received Best in Show for the 61st Annual Art Exhibition, as well as Athens, Greece and Varna, Bulgaria. Michael currently teaches at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in the Textiles, Clothing and Design Department.

November First Friday

November 21, 2010

Instructions for Initial Conditions

Parallax Space and Drift Station Gallery – November 2010

Participating artists:

Aaron Holz Clark Stoeckley Jina Wallwork Milja Laurila Sean O’Neill
Aaron Oldenburg Dan Buhrdorf Joel Farris Miranda Maher Silvia Sellitto
Adam Farcus Darcy McCabe John M Bennett Moira Williams SJ Gibson
Adam Tindale David Berridge John Hammersley and Jono Lewarne Morgan Jensen Skot Wiedmann
Alicia Grant David Borawski John Neeson MSR2 Sofie Loscher
Alisdair MacRae Deric Carner Joshua Mattes Na’ama Zussman Spurse
Alistair Ashe Elizabeth Gower Joshua WF Thomson Neil Horsky Stephanie Busson
Angelika Rinhofer Eric Lopez Julie Haw Nestor Armando Gil Tamara Stephas
Anna Kell Eric Moschopedis & Mia Rushton Kan Seidel Nicholas Knight Team Zatara (Matthew Fielder/Rachel Kessler)
Annabelle Craven-Jones Erik Benjamins Katy Howkins Nick Bastis Thomas Martin
Anthony Roark Esteban Schimpf Kristin Nyce Nick Kennedy Tiana Peterson
Arran Poole Georgia Wall Kristina Martino Norbert Costin Tim Taylor
Arturo Evening Hannah Hamilton Kristina Wolfe Osvaldo Cibils Tom Hackett
Barb Smith Hannah Ross Lane Cooper Paul Shortt Tony Schwensen
Benjamin Sisto HC Arnold Larry Caveney Paul Wierbinski Travis Janssen
Betsy van Die “Helina Daniel” Laura Konttinen Persephone Thorn-Hauswirth Valka Loohuis
Bill Gusky Ignacio Pérez Pérez & Aidana Rico Luc Fierens Peter Ciccariello William Brovelli
Brian Schorn Jamie Fritz & Victoria Hoyt Luke Munn Philippe Van Wolputte Willum Geerts
Bridget Walker Jason Conny MA Melgares Reed Altemus
Burt Ritchie Jaume Marianne Holm Hansen Richard Smolinski
Carlos Navarrete Jay Merryweather Mark Koven Romain di Vozzo
Charles Napier Jen Keshka Martins Rokis Ron Lambert
Chris Barr Jen Keshka and Jason Sendros Mary Walker S A Custance
Christine Dehne Jen McChesney Michael Davies Sam Vandie
Christopher Ford Jessica Borusky Mies Baars Scarlet Bourne
Christopher Hudson Jesús Otero Iglesias Mike Callaghan Seán O Sullivan

And it was a great success! We had an impressive and supportive crowd come out on a beautiful fall evening to watch and listen to some experimental projection and sound. The space works amazingly in terms of viewing positions and auditory absorption, and I look forward to many more shows featuring similar artistic investigations.

I was thoroughly fascinated by Angeles Cossio’s projections of static and shifting materials, which continuously captured my vision. Cossio, in her artist’s statement, writes: “In my current body of work, I explore what happens when I insert something into or obstruct something in a pre-existing system or operation and see how it readjusts itself to the change. I am in constant interplay with the world, and my work is an active collaboration with these natural processes.” Her work on Friday night operated on this level of the alchemical and the natural, and the space in which they interact.

Mike Burton created a live paintamation, which absolutely intrigued the audience, who spent most of the performance crowded around his work table. Burton worked alongside The Mighty Vitamins, whose experimental sound production played back and forth with the layered videos of Burton’s paintamations projected on the wall behind them.

Jeff Thompson’s performance is still haunting me, one of those inescapable revenants which lodges itself into your subconscious. If you haven’t watched Zardoz (1974), do so now. It is an experience, although it will never match what I saw and heard on Friday night.

I’m already looking forward to our next First Friday, which will be on November 5, 2010. Thank you again for all of your support!