We are located in a 1930s-built former auto body shop in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Our address is 1746 “N” Street, Lincoln, NE.

3 Responses to “Location”

  1. please add me to your mailing list — thanks. – bk

  2. Scarlet said

    Parallax Space looks like a great, visionary project. I read that the founders had connections to the Philadelphia area and as a native Philadelphian, I just had to send an e-shout out. (Too bad about the Phillies, but we had our day not too long ago.) Best of luck with your endeavor. I look forward to seeing Parallax develop.

  3. johanna said

    Congrats on the concept and the excellent space! Looking forward to checking it out one day. Here’s to many future projects and collaborations. Love to you both.

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