12 Weeks of Catch Up

May 27, 2012

I have been AWOL from posting for the past few months, but for very good reason. The birth of my daughter, Harper Wren, on March 8th. It’s been an exhausting and exciting time, and I’m very appreciative that I have been able to spend so much time with Harper during her first few months of life.

At the end of March we wrapped up the Womanhouse project with a potluck feast inside the completed tent. It was a bittersweet gathering – I wish we could have kept the house up forever, as it created an amazing atmosphere for conversation and communing. Hopefully we’ll be able to find future homes for the tent in various cities around the country.

In April we showcased work by UNL Sculpture MFA students in a show titled Tragic Magic. Jamie Fritz, Matt Blache, Jacob Francois, and Liana Owald all had work in the show.

May’s show featured work by Bill Graham, my husband and fellow Parallax operator. Bill’s show, A Million Little Sorrys, included his paintings, sketches, and sculpture from the past fourteen years. The works all relate to the death of Bill’s brother in 1998, and represent a cathartic working through of the event.


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